Draws attention to your face: naturally emphasised eyebrows! Find out more by having a consultation with Tayla at Beauty Collective Co. 

The special technique of Microblading that naturally shapes your Eyebrows to suit your face . 


Microblading is a permanent, manual pigmentation technique that uses blades to draw very fine hairs onto the skin. These precise and very fine blades gently pigment the surface for natural looking results. Choosing  laboratory  tested swiss color MB Pigments used with this technique are free from iron oxide and heavy metals, which makes them particularly color stable and well tolerated. To ensure that the treatment results are as possible, the Microblading Pigments have high color density and come in a wide range of natural browns. 


After your personal consultation with Tayla, the treatment starts with brow mapping where we outline the desired eyebrow shape.  When it comes to 'the perfect brow' there are so many questions to consider. Thick or thin? Arched or flat? Where do they start? Where do they end?Brows can be such a personal thing that one rule doesn't necessarily apply to all. It all comes down to preference and what's most flattering for your face shape and your needs. However Tayla will map out your brows symmetrically using a MB ruler then adjust to her clients face shape and desired result to help build those brows naturally.

Tayla  then draws very fine hairs onto the skin to balance out the irregular hair growth. The treatment is finished off with a pigment soak. which give the result an even richer look. After the healing phase, about 50 to 70% of the pigment will stay in the skin and ensure a natural treatment result. 


Your perfection session is included in the total cost which will be booked in when you come for your first initial appointment for 6 - 8 weeks after the brows have healed. 

You will be given an aftercare bag that will include sterile wipes to use 24 hours after your appointment to wipe over the brows  for the following 3 days. A tub of Dr Pickles healing cream if needed within the recovery if they were to get dry and itchy. Aftercare sheet of all the  Do's & Dont's and a BC emoji sheet to help keep track of where  how your brows may be feeling and  healing on a day to day basis.

Your advantages at a glance

- Professional type consultation for your perfect eyebrow shape custom to you. 

Expressive eyebrows that draw attention to your face 

Make it easier to pluck your eyebrows into a shape later 

Saves time on your daily make up routine 

Waterproof and smudge proof ‘

Particularly recommended for athletes people with visual impairment or after chemotherapy 


Due to high demand with tayla shreeve brows has implemented a 48 hour cancellation policy of 50 % off your treatment. No shows will be charged the price of their required service if no notice was given.  Please call us on 0400 956 502  or email  if there are any changes regarding your booking.

Thank you for your understanding. 


Please email tayla@beautycollectiveco.com.au or PH 0400 956 502